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intra-operative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI)

A note-worthy recent advancement in treating tumors of the liver is the use of iMRI (intra-operative Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Liver tumors often occur next to critical areas of the body, such as the diaphragm, colon, stomach, and gallbladder. Using the iMRI, surgeons are able to pinpoint the exact size and location of the tumor. Precise real-time imaging capabilities allow the tumors to be destroyed while the surgeons observe--literally. The removal of liver tumors had to be done traditionally in open surgery. With the iMRI, the ablation process is carried out using a very thin, minimally invasive needle instrument. iMRI is especially advantageous in treating recurring liver tumors--including those patients who have had prior operations. The ability to treat them as they occur drastically reduces the risk and stress on the body. Thus the iMRI can significantly prolong survival, as well as, allow much quicker recoveries and higher levels of patient comfort throughout the treatment process.